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That's My Story
Queer’s Progress, a novel; Save the Max Man! My Mad Russian: Three Tales;
A Family Romance All That Money, a novel;
The Wedding on Big Bone Hill, a novel; Springtime in Siena, two short novels;  Good People, a novel;
A Journal of the Plague Year, and Other Plays and Adaptations;   The Man in the Balloon: Harvey Joiner’s Wondrous 1877;

That's My Story

That’s My Story

Two Tales

Noir mayhem in 1935 as the UCLA Bruins’ great fullback “Texas Ted” is unmasked as a ringer after scoring all the points in the historic 7-6 victory over Stanford, even as UCLA's and USC's boosters clash in the oilfields. In the second piece, The Last Posse—also fact-based—Texas Sheriff Jim Groves chases outlaw Frank Holloway in 1922.

Smash-and-Grab Press 2021, paper $13, 244 pp., ISBN 978-1-7368333-9-1

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Save the Max Man!

Save the Max Man!

A Novella Inspired By a True Story

Although 13-year-old Max’s spinal surgery leaves him paralyzed and on a ventilator, his prognosis for full recovery is good—so long as he gets to rehabilitation promptly. But his insurance company’s demand for a $6,000 copay grounds the mediflight. Whose greed is in play, anyway?

Smash-and-Grab Press 2020, paper $9, 96 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-2-7; ebook $2.99 978-1-7330465-5-8. Cover by Todd Engel

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A Family Romance;

A Family Romance

A Novel

Tasty takes on American life over 40 years, as seen through the remarkable careers of journalist Nat Handler and his wife Viv Handler.

Smash-and-Grab Press 2020, paper $15.95, 316 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-1-0; ebook 978-1-7368333-6-0. Cover by Todd Engel

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A Journal of the Plague Year, and Other Plays and Adaptations

A Journal of the Plague Year,
and Other Plays and Adaptations

Here I collect plays I wrote before turning novelist, including the title piece (as a pandemic offering, read the .pdf here,), an antic one-man adaptation Chesterfield to His Son and Dr. Knox and Mr. Banner, which examines same-sex desire in 1851 London.

Smash-and-Grab Press 2019, paper $14.99, 392 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-0-3. Cover by Todd Engel

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My Mad Russian, three tales

My Mad Russian

Three Tales

My Mad Russian: Three Tales collects my three tales about Westchester County’s legendary Caramoor estate. The title piece fictionalizes its founders’ true-life connection to Dr. Léon Theremin, inventor of the first electronic musical instrument, and his unexplained 1930s disappearance. Another’s Fool continues the story during the Cold War, and I Remember Caramoor is a memoir of my 1970s stint as Caramoor’s teen-aged underbutler as it began transitioning from private mansion to public resource.

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2021, paper, $13, 268 pp., ISBN 978-1-7368333-3-9; ebook 978-1-7368333-2-2. Cover by Todd Engel

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The Wedding on Big Bone Hill, a novel

The Wedding on Big Bone Hill

A Novel

A fable of the RV lifestyle in a Kansas Eden, complete with serpents! Also the novella Junkie, Indiana (originally published in 2016) about addict teenagers in an Indiana trailer park, and the sweet Cordelia, who, refused an abortion after being raped, takes the only decisive action she can.

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2021, paper $11, 212 pp., ISBN 978-1-7368333-7-7; ebook 978-1-7368333-8-4. Cover by Todd Engel

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Queer’s Progress, a novel

Queer’s Progress

A Novel

My first novel (written in 1995-96), about a first, disastrous love affair.

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2021, paper, 204 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-3-4; ebook 978-1-7330465-7-2. Cover by Todd Engel

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Springtime in Siena, two short novels

Springtime in Siena

Two Short Novels

The title piece follows a hungry young academic leading a semester-abroad group to Tuscany. In The Man Who Owned New York, Albert’s a new curate in Manhattan’s richest Episcopal parish in 1907 when a Kansas farmer claims title to the church’s property, forcing Albert to weigh what he really wants out of life.

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2020, paper $12, 196 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-4-1; ebook, 978-1-7330465-6-5. Cover by Todd Engel

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“The kind of novel Chandler or Hammett might write today” —M. Lee Alexander (Detective Fiction) All That Money, a novel

All That Money

A Novel Inspired by Real Events

Inspired by the 1934 kidnapping of heiress Alice Speed Stoll, All That Money is a fast-moving, rollicking ride with Lucie and Harry—and Special Agent Joe Albright sniffing out the trail!

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2021, paper, 168 pp., ISBN 978-1-7368333-0-8; ebook 978-1-7368333-1-5. Cover by Todd Engel

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“A crackling good read!” —Toronto Post City Magazines

                     Good People

                                          A Novel

Good People, a novel

A fast, funny, heartfelt story about the 1980s comedy-club boom—by One Who Was There.

Smash-and-Grab Press revised edition 2021, paper, 222 pp., ISBN 978-1-7330465-8-9; ebook 978-1-7330465-9-6. Cover by Todd Engel

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  “The first published examination of the works of Harvey Joiner!” —Indiana Magazine of History

The Man in the Balloon: Harvey Joiner’s Wondrous 1877
Harvey Joiner (1852-1932)
Harvey Joiner (1852-1932)


The Man in the Balloon:
Harvey Joiner’s Wondrous 1877

My lively biographical study, impeccably researched and copiously illustrated, is the first about Harvey Joiner, once a famous American painter.

It brings Joiner to life as a 25-year-old prankster in the rip-roaring river town of Jeffersonville, Indiana. The witty wood-engraved advertising images he’s produced since he was a teenager ceasing to sell, he begins to paint the pictures he’ll become known for—landscapes filtering through personal responses and meanings the light falling from the forest canopy—while promoting himself nonstop.

But Joiner will stave off adulthood a little longer with a series of pranks, launching hot-air balloons of increasing size, until his masterwork—seen to be carrying a man in its basket—soars across the Ohio River and over the rooftops of Louisville, Kentucky.

Before his wondrous year is out, Joiner wins the commission of a lifetime and paints his enormous masterpiece, Ruth Gleaning in the Fields of Boaz, for the Christian Church in Utica, Indiana. Analyzing the Bible story of how Ruth achieves security, he places the young widow in harvest fields at day’s end, a moment of respite he makes personal by recalling his own widowed mother’s dilemma and depicting the fields of his boyhood.

Excerpt (.pdf, 4.35 MB)         Author’s Note

Biblio Publishing 2013, paper, 125 pp. ISBN 978-1-62249-101-8. Photograph from Notable Men of Kentucky at the Beginning of the 20th Century (1901-1902), by Benjamin La Bree (Louisville: George G. Fetter, 1902, p.119)


I was born on a farm in western Colorado, earned degrees in English Lit at New York’s City College and Columbia University, currently live in the Midwest, and can sometimes be reached at stevenkeymeyers@stevenkeymeyers.com.

Completing my pandemic project of republishing my books through The Smash-and-Grab Press left me with an orphan: The original edition of My Mad Russian: Three Tales included two short pieces left out of the revised edition; here in .pdf is one of them, an amusing story about gaming the California lottery, Big Luck.